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Dirt separators

In untreated systems, dirt can accumulate in multiple places throughout the system. Studies and practical experience show that magnetite in particular, leads to greatly reduced energy efficiency and therefore higher energy costs. Ensuring quick and efficient dirt removal is essential. Spirotech offers an extensive range of SpiroTrap dirt separators from small brass solutions to heavy duty steel units, especially designed for the removal of dirt.

Available versions:

  • Normal flow brass (designed for a nominal flow velocity up to 1 m/s)
  • Normal flow steel (designed for a nominal flow velocity up to 1.5 m/s)
  • Hi-Flow (designed for a nominal flow velocity up to 3 m/s)
  • Magnetic (separators with internal or external magnet)
  • Demountable (If the level of contamination is such that it needs to be possible to replace or clean the separating element).

Industry-leading 5 year guarantee

Highly efficient dirt seperation

Energy saving

Safe, high-powered magnet

Constant, low pressure drop

Quick and easy cleaning


  • Very small particles, from 5 μm (= 0.005 mm) and up are separated and removed
  • No shut-off valves or bypass required
  • Maintenance only takes a few seconds and is not a dirty job
  • No unnecessary shutdown
  • A complete range, suitable for various pressures and temperatures
  • Dirt can be drained while the system is in operation
  • Constant low pressure drop
  • compared to a fi lter solution
  • Connection diameters from ¾” to DN 600 and above



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